A Cool Summer’s Breeze


A Cool Summer’s Breeze

I’ve been thinking a lot about my past relationships. I’ve never been someone who has had a lot of friends, but the friends that I’ve had have been pretty solid. It would’ve been nice if all of them that I’ve had throughout the years could’ve stay in my life forever, but the truth of the matter is that not everyone is meant to stay with me until I’m old and grey. One of those people that I’ve lost contact with but have been thinking about quite a bit lately is my college roommate.

During the first semester in my freshman year in college I stayed in temporary housing because there wasn’t enough room for everyone who wanted to live on campus to stay on campus. Luckily the set up wasn’t too bad. The room I lived in was a study room that they converted into a bedroom. However, instead of sharing the room with one other person like most freshmen did, I had to share it with two other people. It was in that room where I meant the person who I refer to as my college roommate. I had many roommates throughout my time in college. The three weeks before the start of term (during my summer bridge program before my freshman year), I lived with three other girls who were also in the program. The second semester of my freshmen year I lived with a different girl. I shared a suite with two completely different students during my sophomore year. When I was studying abroad during the fall of my junior year, I shared a flat with 11 other people, and when I moved back for the spring semester I stayed in an apartment off campus with two new people. The girl that I roomed with in temporary housing (the one I refer to as my college roommate) lived with me for at least a portion of the time from my freshman to my junior year, and that’s because we hit it off when we first met (we even had the same major). And because we liked sharing a room during our time in temp housing, we decided that we would live together our sophomore year as well. And when we both got back from studying abroad in our junior year, we lived together with two other girls that she had met during her time in Germany. Needless to say, I lucked out with her. I had friends who had horrible roomies, but I was fortunate enough to like mine. Our relationship wasn’t perfect. We had our issues, but for the most of our time together we enjoyed each other’s company. We hung out inside and outside of our home, so our bond was more than just that of two strangers living together – we were friends. And because we were friends, we were able to make an impact on each other before we parted ways.

I’m a very serious person. I always have been. It’s my default, but every now and again, I meet someone who helps me to be a little bit freer. My college roommate was one of these people. She taught me to not take myself so seriously all of the time. I would like to say that I am significantly less uptight than I was when we were in college together, but I’m still pretty tense most of the time. That being said, I’m now much more aware of this aspect about  myself, so I make sure to take a break every now and again, and that’s thanks to the people (like my roommate) who have helped me to see that I don’t have to be wound up constantly.

Positive thinker, not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. Some people will be there with you until the end of your days, but others are only meant to pass through like a cool summer’s breeze. However, even though they were there for a short time and not a long time they still entered into your world for a reason. It may not be clear while they’re there, but if you take some time to think about it you’ll discover what purpose they had in your life. Sometimes it’s a bigger life lesson like the one my roommate taught me and other times it’s something as simple as the fact that they were there just to brighten your day with a smile. Whatever that meaning is, it’s important and it has helped to make you who you are today, so be thankful for these people and what they have done for you.