A Different Path

A Different Path

I’ve always enjoyed watching kids play. It reminds me of when I was a kid and was able to have tons of fun just messing around with my toys. Children have the biggest imaginations, which is why getting to see them in action is always a treat. They can take a few boxes and turn them into a full length race car competition. Or, they can take a couple of old buckets and create the wildest band you’ve ever seen. Their creativity is amazing when it comes to things that you’d never think could be used as toys, but it doesn’t stop there. They devise intricate stories with their dolls and action figures that screenwriters would be envious of. And they can build magnificent structures with their blocks and legos that the world’s best architects could think of.

In particular, whenever I’m around a child who wants to play with legos, I get kind of intense. I want the pieces to go together so that I can make a new and interesting creation. I don’t really have fun when I’m doing it. Instead, it’s more like a project that I have to complete. I even become irrationally angry when it gets knocked down or broken before I’m finished with it because that’ll meant that I’ll have to start working on it all over again. The opposite is true for the child, however. Whenever they get going they automatically start to have fun. They can spend ages working on one tower and then tear it down in an instant just because they enjoy starting over again. They don’t care that they just put in all of that effort just to have it knocked down. All they worry about is when they’ll be able to start working on the next one again. It would be great if we could have that same mentality in life with everything that we approach, but many times that isn’t the case.

Sometimes we devote all of our time and energy to a project, but it doesn’t end up working out the way that we wanted it to. And  when that happens, we usually have to start all over again from scratch. We don’t like having to do that because it seems like all of that work that we put in was wasted on something that we ended up failing at, and that can be beyond frustrating. I know that it’s happened to me before…

For most of my life, my goal was to work in law. I studied psychology with the intention of learning to understand people better so that I could use this skill to better serve the people that I worked with. My junior year in college I even made the decision to study forensic psychology in graduate school so that I could really learn how to apply psychology to the law. However, as the date for me to start my program drew nearer I started to realize that the only reason I wanted to enter into the program was because I had put so much time and energy towards getting to that point in my life. I didn’t like what I was getting ready to study, but I convinced myself it was what I wanted because I didn’t want all of those years to be a waste. However, after spending a lot of time thinking about it, I made the decision to not enter the program and do something else with my life instead. When I made that decision I was definitely angry at first. I was mad at myself that I had wasted so much time on a path that I didn’t want to go down, and I was angry that I didn’t have the courage to go down a different path sooner. However, once I got past the frustration, it became exciting. Getting to discover where my passion truly lies has been an thrilling journey in the same way that the child who knocks down the legos is happy to start over again because they get to do something new. And you have the option to approach new beginnings in the same way.  if you fail at something that you put a lot of effort into then you get the opportunity to try something thrilling too.

Positive thinker, don’t be scared to begin again. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into something, it’s always possible to start over. Not everything is meant to happen, and that’s okay. The important thing to remember is that just because one door closes doesn’t mean that you can’t go through another one. You’re never limited to your first set of plans or ideas. You can come up with more and then start on a new venture that will lead you to a different door. And that’s the wonderful part about life. We will always have the option to go for something that’s new, and what could be more exciting than that!