About FFCS


The Fields Family Counseling Services, Inc. team is committed to providing a broad range of personalized, innovative, and ethical services that address the psychological, educational, social, and developmental needs of the clientele. Our clinicians have extensive experience working with families, with particular specialization in improving the functioning of children and adolescents. Clinicians provide services such as direct counseling, adoption assessment, educational seminars and trainings, advocacy and resource provision.


Fields Family Counseling Services, Inc. offers individual, couple, family, and group counseling as well as consultation and assessment services.

Intake/Biopsychosocial assessment

Required prior to receipt of services. A therapist evaluates each client with an initial consultation to assess the potential of a good client/therapist working relationship. Will discuss immediate expectations about the therapy, including fees and the length of treatment.
If it is determined that the client would like to move forward with therapeutic services, an intake will be completed. The intake is an in-depth assessment session to discuss the client’s background, stressors, past and current behaviors, and medical history, as well as the goals of treatment. A treatment plan will be developed and managed throughout treatment.

Individual psychotherapy

Individual evaluation, assessment and treatment. Therapist and client will develop an in-depth treatment plan to address issues identified by client and therapist during the intake. Longevity of treatment will be determined by client need.

Couples Therapy

Therapist and clients will develop an in-depth treatment plan to address issues identified by both parties and therapist during the intake. Longevity of treatment will be determined by client need. This type of session focuses on communication and relationship issues including lack of trust and intimacy issues.

Family Therapy

Evaluation, assessment and treatment within a family structure. Assists in alleviating familial conflict and improving communication. Family therapy can also be utilized to address relationship and parenting issues.

Group psychotherapy

Evaluation, assessment and treatment in the group setting. The therapist has an opportunity to observe, intervene and manage the conflict as it happens with the intention of assistance with behavior modification. Each person works on their individual goals. The focus of each group will be determined by client demand at the time of registration. Options include groups for anxiety, yoga, movement and processing, coping skills, depression, women’s issues, managing trauma, parent support, children’s socialization, healthy relationships, and self-esteem. To learn more about our groups and to see the class schedule offered, click here.

Mindful Therapeutic Play

Fields Family Counseling Services partners and collaborates with The Therapeutic Play Foundation(www.therapeuticplayfoundation.org); a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce trauma symptoms and community build via play and mindfulness based interventions in schools and in communities. The Therapeutic Play Foundation is also housed within The Feel Well Empowerment Center with Fields Family Counseling Services and offers play and art related classes for children and families, on site.  There is an option for Kids Club Drop-in wherein children can engage, parent-free, in play and art activities between 3 and 6pm, Monday-Friday. Parents can have the free time to attend counseling, yoga classes, or other services offered at The Feel Well Empowerment Center. CalVCP funding is accepted services. Please click here for more information.

If you are interested in setting up a mindful play curriculum for your organization, please email hello@therapeuticplayfoundation.org or call (323) 924-9084.

For more information about play or art based classes, please visit

Pre-K (approximate ages 4-6)

Some concepts addressed in treatment are: taking turns, sharing, listening, positive play, emotional identification, appropriate cognition, and communication with questions and answers, and rewards and consequences. Each child works on their individual goals.

Early Elementary (approximate ages 7-10)

Some concepts addressed in treatment are: listening attentively, labeling emotions, defining friendship, positive play, reading body language, social expectations and behaviors, working as a team, bullying, managing loss (of a friend, of a game. of a loved one) nonverbal communication, sibling relationships, compassion for others, appropriate touch, self-esteem, self-regulation, and managing anxiety and frustration.

Middle School (approximate ages 11-14)

Some concepts addressed in treatment are: organization and planning, taking responsibility, opposite sex relations, defining friendship, social expectations and behaviors, bullying, self esteem, anxiety, frustration management, compassion for others, self-regulation, coping skills, sibling relationships, parent conflict, school performance issues, and identity issues.

High School (approximate ages 14 – 18)

Some concepts addressed in treatment are: organization and planning, taking responsibility, opposite sex relations, self esteem, anxiety, frustration management, parent conflict, school performance issues, identity issues, and future planning and goal setting.

Career/Business Coaching

What do you want for yourself? What is it that will make you happy? What do you require to feel content? Whether you are in the process of just starting a new endeavor or are scaling up your business; you are in a space of transition and may benefit from a coach that utilizes proven strategies and techniques designed to improve coping skills, accountability and present focus.

Taking care of self and listening to our desires can empower us to think biggeract with less fear and increase productivity.If you are interested in specialized and tailored services to take your career or business endeavors to the next level, please consider our Assisted Empowerment Programs offered by our Executive Director, Nakeya T. Fields, LCSW. More information can be found here.

Adoption home study assessment

Fields Family Counseling Services works on a contractual basis with local Counties to complete adoption home studies for prospective foster and adoptive families. These families are interviewed and assessed according to the SAFE format. Fields Family Counseling Services, Inc. utilizes a highly qualified staff of social workers to complete these services as needed.

If you are an agency seeking adoption home study assessment report providers, please contact us regarding rates.

Clinical Supervision

Fields Family Counseling Services, Inc. offers clinical supervision for associates who may be unable to receive the service from their full time employment. Clinical supervision allows you to improve your link of theory to practice, recognize and address transference and counter-transference issues, provides case staffing and processing and assists you to become a more confident therapist. FFCS also provides assistance with study techniques and practice questions to better prepare you at the examination stage. We offer individual and group supervision. Current supervision groups are meeting in the early evening. We can work with your schedule as needed if you choose to do individual clinical supervision.

Professional Consultation

If you are a mental health professional interested in making the leap into your own private practice, FFCS offers a summer workshop entitled The Social Worker as an Entrepreneur: Establishing Your Brand. There will be three two-hour group workshops offered during the summer months with follow-up mentor group meetings. Individual or group participants are invited to attend mentor group meetings to continue to support professional growth.  Our CEO, Nakeya Fields, LCSW, also offers intensive business/career coaching programs and has also written a guide for small business owners entitled, Mental Health Entrepreneur: Gain Freedom and Escape the 9-5 Grind – How To Treat Mental Illness and Monetize Your Expertise.

Public Speaking Engagements

If you or your organization is interested in attaining a speaker for an in-service, EAP, or human resources presentation, FFCS can provide a high energy, professional and engaging discourse on topics in the field of mental health. We can also create a personalized presentation to meet the needs of you and your organization. Past presentations have included Stress Management, Depression, Anxiety, Play Therapy Techniques, Understanding the Adoption process and non-traditional social work career resources.


Fields Family Counseling Services, Inc. is housed within The Feel Well Empowerment Center, a community based facility that aims to build communities via wellness services for all ages.  The businesses located within The Feel Well Empowerment Center are sister organizations with the shared goal of community health and are located at 848 Marcheta Street in Altadena, CA.

Fields Family Counseling Services lives in Suite 1 and offers counseling and mental health staffing resources, Benari and Nguyen LLP, in Suite 2, offers Financial Coaching, Credit Report Correction and Debt Settlement.

The Feel Well – A Family Yoga Studio, offering therapeutic yoga aimed at family wellness, is housed in Suite 3. The Therapeutic Play Foundation, in Suite 4, offers books and therapeutic play supplies for sale as well as art and play based classes for kids.

To learn more about classes and group offerings, including Yoga and Messy Art & Play Classes from The Feel Well Empowerment Center, please visit here.