Be who you were Meant to Be


Be who you were Meant to Be

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you’ll know that I love Disney. I have an annual pass, so I go to the parks fairly regularly. I also watch the movies all the time. Since I’m a 90’s baby, my favorite ones come from that era. One of them even inspired a piece of art that I have on my body. I have four tattoos, but my favorite one is a quote from Mulan that I have on my back. It says, “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” This sentence speaks to a message that Disney imparts in its movies time and time again. Uniqueness. This is something that Disney seems to want us to embrace. We’re all different, and we should do everything to make our differences shine bright. And that’s exactly what so many Disney characters do, including Mulan.

*Spoilers Ahead (Mulan and Moana)*

From the beginning of the movie you could tell that Mulan didn’t fit in with the other girls. The other women her age were concerned with getting married. They genuinely wanted to get set up by the matchmaker, but Mulan was only doing it out of duty. Because she was a woman, she was supposed to get married and have babies. This was the only way for her to bring honor to her family. She tried to embrace this path that she was supposed to go down, but when she found out that her dad had to go off to war, she really didn’t care anymore about finding a husband. She was more concerned about protecting her father, which is why she decided that she would go off to war in his place. Sure that meant that she had to pretend to be a man. And yes that also meant that she could get killed if she was found out, but none of that mattered to her. What she was going to do served a greater purpose, so she was willing to risk it all for that. And because she did this, she was able to not only save her father, but her country as well. If Mulan had chosen to do what everyone else wanted her to do instead of following her heart then the outcome could have been disastrous for many people.

Another movie that teaches a similar message is Moana. This movie came out a few years ago, which means that Disney is still choosing to show a new generation just how important this lesson is. The main character, Moana, loves the ocean. She was drawn to it even when she was a baby, and as she got older that love deepened and deepened. All she wanted to do was set sail and explore its wonders, but her father and her village had other plans for her. If it was up to them, she would have just stayed on land and led the people, but the young girl had other plans. She didn’t care what the others were telling her to do. Duties be damned! She knew that her purpose was to go out in the vast sea in order to find the demigod, Maui, so that he could restore the island to its former glory. Like Mulan, Moana also had a difficult road to travel down. She had to face the sea and all of its dangers by herself. And then when she found Maui she had to face other worldly foes that mortals should never have to face. So, ultimately, even though everyone thought she was crazy, she did what her heart told her to do anyway. And because she does this, she is able to help save her people.

*Spoilers Over*

People tend to make fun of me for my love of Disney, but if you just sit back and watch some of the movies you can understand why I enjoy it so much. I may be a full fledged adult, but I still acknowledge the importance of a good lesson. Sure these movies may be directed towards children, but I can definitely get behind any film that encourages me to love myself. There are so many people and entities out there trying to tell us to do the exact opposite, so we should listen to and be thankful for the ones that tell us to be happy with who we are. Embrace your uniqueness positive thinker! Be who you were meant to be, and make sure that you love every bit!