Bringing Light into your Life

Bringing Light into your Life

Via: Pixabay

I live in LA, so I’m lucky enough to be surrounded with a lot of different activities that I can partake in. It isn’t called the entertainment capital of the world for nothing! I’ve lived here for practically my entire life, and I am still finding new and exciting things for me to do. If I wanted to, I could probably go out every day of the week and try something different, and I still wouldn’t be able to scratch the surface of all that this city has to offer to me. Even though I enjoy trying things that I haven’t done before, one of my favorite things to do, as I’ve often said, is go to amusement parks. There are four big ones in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, so I have a few choices to pick from. When I was growing up, I had season passes to all but one of them (I didn’t have a Disneyland pass because my siblings and I didn’t really like it at the time). A pass was cheap back then, so my parents thought that it would be a good way for us to have time together to bond as a family.

When I was really little, we would all spend the day together going from ride to ride and from show to show, but as I got older, my parents loosened the reins. We would invite our friends with us, and while our parents were still in the park, we weren’t required to spend the whole day with them. This was still a time before cell phones were a ubiquitous force in our society, so my mom and dad had to come up with another way to keep tabs on us while we were away from them. They settled on using walkie talkies. Since my friends and I and my mother and father were all still in the park, we were always in ranger of each other. If one of the adults couldn’t get a hold of us kids (they always could), then they would’ve known that we weren’t in the park. We were just required to check in every once in awhile with them and they would let us be.

By the time I got to high school, my mom and dad were pretty much over going to amusement parks with us, but since my sister and I still enjoyed it, we would go with our friends on occasion. In these instances my mom would just drop us off in the morning and pick us back up at the end of the day when the park closed. This was the pattern until we got to college. Once we were adults, my sister and I were on our own. We had to buy the tickets and passes with our own money, and we had to get to the park by ourselves. Since we still enjoyed going, we were happy to do that. Fast forward to our post college life, and we’re still doing the same thing. Going to these places has to be the most regular thing that either one of us does in our free time. In fact, we’re going to one today! 

Some things that people do a lot as kids they get tired of when they become adults, but that’s not the case for us! We loved going to theme parks when we were children, and we still love it now. Sometimes people make fun of us for how frequently we visit these places, but at the end of the day, we’re going to do what makes us happy, and you should do the same!There’s so much negativity in this world that we need to be able to hold on to the things that bring us joy. Some people may question the activities that you choose to do that make you happy, but this shouldn’t deter you from doing them positive thinker. The main thing that you should be worrying about in this situation, is that you are doing things that you like doing. It doesn’t matter whether or not anyone else likes it or not. So, keep on doing the things that bring light into your life. That’s what matters most!