Changing for Happiness


Changing for Happiness

As many of you know, I am an avid TV watcher. I spend a good portion of my free time watching my favorite shows. I know that my free time could be spent doing something that’s much more productive, but I just can’t seem to give up any of my programs! Some of them I’ve been watching since they first premiered on TV, but others I came across later in life. For the ones that I didn’t start of with from the beginning, I just had to binge watch them so that I could get caught up. One of those shows that I had to binge watch was Grey’s Anatomy.  

Grey’s has been around since 2005, but I didn’t watch it back then because I was only in the 7th grade. My parents weren’t very strict, but they were strict enough to not let their 13 year old daughter watch a medical drama that was more about love, sex, and hooking up than it was about medicine. That’s why I didn’t watch it when it premiered. I actually didn’t start looking at the program until May 2014. I was fresh out of college, and since I didn’t have a job yet, I spent my days lounging around at home looking at TV all day. And from the first moment that I was introduced to the Seattle Grace team I was hooked. I did start working after some time passed, so that fact combined with the other fact that I was binge watching multiple shows at a time meant that I ended that summer only being able to get through to season three.

I picked back up with Grey’s Anatomy the following summer. During that three month period, I was able to get all caught up to the current season. A lot changed from season one to season eleven. Everything from the name of the hospital to the doctors that worked inside of that hospital was different. Some of the changes happened for the better, and others were fairly heartbreaking. One of those better changes was Ben Warren.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Ben first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy back in season 6. He was an attending, like many of the other main characters on the show, but instead of working as a surgeon, he was an anesthesiologist. Eventually he ends up falling for Dr. Miranda Bailey (one of the few characters who’s on the show that’s been around since season 1), and they get married. Now, even though Ben has had a successful career as an anesthesiologist, he decides that he wants to switch and become a surgeon. However, since anesthesiology is different than surgery, he had to start all over again from scratch. He started off as an intern and ultimately ended up becoming a surgical resident. Everything looked like it was going well with his career. He thought he had found his calling, but when a fire broke out in the hospital he developed a desire to fight fires. So, he changed his career again to become a firefighter. Because of his new interest, Grey’s got a spin off called Station 19 that documented the life of Ben and the other firefighters that were in his station. Once again, it seemed like Ben had found his niche, but after Miranda suffered health problems because of all of the stress and uncertainty that Ben’s job carried with him, he decided that he would try out for Medic One. This would be safer than fighting fires, but he could still be the first person on the scene to give medical assistance to people in need. We won’t find out until later if he decides to stick with this, but as of right now, this is what Ben is pursuing.

*Spoilers Over*

In life, you are going to have dreams. Sometimes those dreams will stay consistent, but other times, they’ll change, and that’s okay. The important thing to remember, positive thinker, is that if at any point in your life you feel like you need a change in order to feel more fulfilled or in order to make yourself happier, that you go for it. I say this all of the time, but life really is short. And because it’s so short, you shouldn’t spend your limited amount of days on this planet doing something that makes you unhappy. Our friend from Grey’s Anatomy found that out, and he made sure that he would live his life in such a way that made him happy. And you can do that too!