Daphne Rahnama-Sani, MSW


Daphne Rahnama-Sani


Daphne Rahnama-Sani is a devoted advocate for the psychological wellbeing of her clients. Daphne believes in building a trusting and non-judgmental relationship, where her clients can feel safe to talk about themselves openly. She has a strong passion to use innovative methods of practice and a psychoeducational perspective to help clients cope with their struggles arising from emotional traumas and difficulties.
Daphne focused her research on teen and adolescents coping with grief and loss. She is specialized in treating clients who are suffering with Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence. She has also traveled through European countries studying the psychological effects of homelessness on individuals living in Europe.These work experiences conveyed and strengthened Daphne’s ability to guide her clients towards a stronger sense of self and a more resilient condition.
Her training experience includes the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Culver City High School and Culver City Middle School. Daphne received her BA in Communication Studies & Education from UC Berkeley and her Masters in Social Work: Mental Health Concentration & Social Work in Schools Sub-Concentration from University of Southern California.

Providing psychoeducation and therapeutic services to clients and their families to provide the best care needed.




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