Dealing with Difficulties

Dealing with Difficulties

You’d pretty much have to be living underneath a rock to not know who Oprah is. She has her own TV network, book club, magazine, and she’s worth over 2 billion dollars, but her journey to becoming a success wasn’t easy…

She was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi in 1954. As a child, she was a part of a small farming community where she lived with her grandmother. Her grandma was strict, but under her care she was able to learn how to read when she was just 2 ½ years old. When she was six, she was forced to live with her mother in a ghetto in Milwaukee. It was also during this time period living with her mother where she began experiencing sexual abuse from men who were “trusted” friends of the family. She stayed with her mom for six years, and then when she was 12 she was sent to live with her dad in Tennessee. While she was living with her father, she would frequently give speeches at churches and at various social gatherings. It was at this point in life, that she realized that she wanted to have a career where she could talk for a living. During her teenage years, her mom sent for her to come and live with her again. However, it didn’t take long for her to send her back to live with her father because of her daughter’s bad behavior.

After moving back with her father, things started to change for Oprah. Her dad was strict, like her grandmother was, but it paid off. She became a good student, and even ended up receiving a full ride scholarship to Tennessee State after she won a speaking contest. Once she was in school, she had the pleasure of winning Miss Fire Prevention. This title was bestowed upon her by a local radio station, WVOL. The station even hired her to read newscasts in the afternoon. While she was working at the radio station, CBS’s affiliate in Nashville offered her a job. After turning it down 2 times she finally accepted the position. Once she graduated, she went on to be a part of the local news team at a Baltimore network. She stayed there for seven years, until the GM of ABC’s Chicago affiliate saw an audition tape that her producer sent over. The general manager hired her as the anchor for A.M. Chicago. When she arrived at the show, it had the lowest ratings, but after a month there the show was on par with Phil Donahue’s show. After being there for four months, the ratings had surpassed his show. In September1985, after being there for less than 2 years, the network made the decision to extend the program to an hour and name it after her. Donahue was out and the Oprah Winfrey Show was in, and the rest is history.

Everything that happened in Oprah’s life led her to become the woman that we know today. Without these experiences, she might not have ever become O. Her life definitely wasn’t easy, but these obstacles made her stronger, and your obstacles can do the same thing for you too.

The road you’re traveling on isn’t always going to be easy. There will be sharp turns and sudden stops, but you have to keep going. You can’t just pull over to the side of the road and give up because if you do you’ll never be able to reach the good parts of the journey. And I know it’s hard. Whenever I hit a bumpy patch, I want to give up too, but I know that I can’t do that because if I do then I’ll never reach the fun parts. If I pull over now, I’ll never know what it’s like to put the car on cruise control and take it easy. That part is there, I just have to be patient enough and persistent enough to make sure that I get there.

Positive thinker, life isn’t always going to be easy, but you can’t call it quits. All of the bad things that you’re going through are happening for a reason. You just have to acknowledge this fact, and keep on pushing through. When you get to the end, you’ll see what all of that heartache was for, but until that time comes just remember to never give up.