Discovering the Path to Happiness


Discovering the Path to Happiness

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a professional writer or anything, but throughout my life, I’ve been lucky enough to have many experiences (like this one) where I have been able to get paid to write. The gigs that I’ve had haven’t always allowed me to write about what I’ve wanted to write about, but they have afforded me with the opportunity to make some extra cash doing what I like to do. Because, at the end of the day, writing about things that I’m not interested in, is better than not writing about anything at all.

From a young age, I realized that I enjoyed writing. When my classmates would complain about having to do a lengthy paper, I became excited with the prospect of getting to flex my writing muscles. My teachers and professors always gave me shining reviews for the work that I turned in, which only served to increase my confidence as a writer. As I got older, I found myself writing just for the sake of writing. Sometimes I would create a short story, just because I could, and other times I would end up making longer pieces of work. My longest project was a novel that I wrote after graduating from college. It was a piece of fiction, but it was based largely on my life. At that point in time, I was confused with what I wanted to do with my life, and writing this book gave me a bit of a release because I didn’t have to keep all of my emotions bottled up inside. Creating a character that was going through similar things that I was going through also helped me to sort out my life some. Each and every sentence that I wrote assisted in reinforcing lessons that I knew, but that I was too afraid to admit to myself. One of those messages happened to be about the importance of following the path that you want to follow, and not the path that someone else wants for you.

In my story, the main character, Deirdre, has tried to live a “practical” life. Her parents wanted to make sure that she would have a stable life when she got older, so every decision that Deirdre made was so that she could eventually obtain that stability that her parents told her that she should strive to have. That’s why she went to graduate school. She thought that if she finished graduate school, she could get a good job, and then she would have happiness because of stability that that job brought her (just like her parents had), but as she continued down the path that she was on, she realized that she wasn’t happy at all. She had done everything that her mom and dad told her to do so that she could be happy, but something just wasn’t adding up. Eventually, she ends up realizing that in order to be happy, she needs to do something that she truly wants to do, and not something that her mother or father want her to do. Once she learns this lesson, she is finally able to achieve the happiness that she longs for.  

Positive thinker, it is so important that you choose the path that you go on. No one else should make this decision for you. It’s your journey, which means that you have to be the one who decides where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Sure, there’ll be many people along the way who may try to help you to make your decision, but it ultimately falls on you. That’s why it’s so important that you always check in regularly with yourself to make sure that you’re still going down the path that you want to be on. It’s okay to head down one road and discover halfway there that you went down the wrong one. Don’t let this detour discourage you. We all get a bit turned around from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll just have to use this time to find out the new road that you’re meant to be on. If you stay true to yourself and your beliefs then you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be, so keep on going until you reach that spot!