Finding the Good

Finding the Good

Saturday Night Live has been on for over 40 years. During this time, cast members have come and gone, but we’ll always remember the laughs that they were able to give to us through the sketches along the way. One segment in particular, called Weekend Update, has been on since the show first aired. The hosts may have changed throughout the years, but the same concept rings true. One or two of the people on the show will report the big news stories from that week, but they’ll do it with a comedic twist. They also always have “guests” on the show that they will interview. In recent years, Michael Che, one of the current hosts of the segment, brings on a reoccurring guest named Willie to talk to.

Willie is brilliantly played by the longest-serving cast member on SNL, Kenan Thompson. The character is Che’s neighbor and he always has pretty interesting stories to tell. As far as luck is concerned, Willie has the worst of it. Anything bad that you can imagine had happened to this man. He’s constantly the victim of scams, and seems to always end up in some fairly horrible scenarios, but this doesn’t stop him from having an optimistic view on life. I mean if you sent all of your credit card information and your social security number to someone on the internet, you’d probably be pretty upset, but this guy wasn’t. He just found the good in the situation.

Now, I’m sure that none of us have sipped from our grandpa’s bed pan thinking that it was warm apple cider. And I’d be willing to be that most of us haven’t had roach infested pecan pie, but we do have bad things happen to us, and for a lot of us, when these bad things happen, our first reaction isn’t to find the good in it, but it should be.

Positive, thinker, when you find the good in everything life throws your way, the negative things that happen to you won’t seem as bad. Instead of wallowing in your misery, you can find something positive from your situation that will turn it into something that you can be happier about, but the thing is, this isn’t always that easy to do.

If you accidentally stub your toe, it’s going to hurt and you’re  not going to be happy about it, but pretty quickly you’ll start realize that you shouldn’t walk around barefoot so much, and that if you do, you should be more aware of your surroundings. On the other hand, if you find yourself in a fairly difficult scenario, like calling it quits with your long time best friend, you may not see the good in that right away. After spending a lifetime with this person, you’re going to be sad that they’re not in your life anymore. If you find yourself going through something like that, it’s probably going to be one of the more difficult situations you’ll experience, but there’s still good to be found in it. For example, you can realize that you ended that relationship for a reason. The two of you grew a part, and you weren’t working together anymore. It was even likely that you were bringing each other more pain than pleasure, so the best decision was for you to go your separate ways. And now that you know that you don’t work well with someone like this, you can avoid getting into future relationships with people like that so that you can avoid having to feel that kind of pain again. So yes, you may be sad about losing this person, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you.

Positive thinker, I challenge you to always try and find the good in your life. When you look for that silver lining, it can help you to move on from that crappy situation and into a better one. It re-shifts your frame of mind so that you can start thinking about ways to make your life better because of it. It also gets you into a habit of always looking for good things, which means that all of your future bad days won’t last as long. Finding the good in a bad situation won’t always be obvious for you, but once you do discover it, you’ll be better off for it!