Getting Started


Getting Started

I was overweight as a child. Strangely enough, I ate really well and exercised by participating in a myriad of sports, but for some reason I was just really big. I guess I just don’t have the best genes. Anyway, I was lucky that the kids in my school never made fun of me for being overweight. Or at least, if they did, it didn’t happen to my face. Since no one made a big deal about it, my heaviness wasn’t on my radar. I definitely didn’t think I was skinny, but also don’t think that I was fat either. That changed when I got to high school.

I always dreamed about being on my high school’s basketball team. I played this sport for most of my childhood, so I wanted to be able to compete at a new intense level. That’s why, during my freshman year, I tried out for my school’s basketball team. Before tryouts started, however, we had conditioning. It was during this time that I realized just how big I was. All of the training that I had done for the other sports that I participated in up to this part in my life was child’s play. I knew that my weight was a problem because all of the exercises that we had to do were beyond difficult for me to complete. When I woke up the first morning after conditioning my body hurt so bad that I was sure that I was dying, but I went back to conditioning anyway. After I woke up the morning after the second practice, however, I wished for the pain that I had felt the previous morning. The first day’s soreness was like the pain that comes from ripping off a bandaid, but this new soreness felt like I had just hit the ground after falling off of the top of my house.

When I got up that morning, I seriously thought about calling it quits. I couldn’t keep dealing with these aches, but I knew that I had to if I wanted to have the chance of being in the basketball program. And I wanted to play. So, I got up out of my bed (slowly), got ready for school, and packed my stuff for conditioning. And I was happy that I did stick with it.

As conditioning went on, the exercises that we had to do got easier and easier. And the only reason that happened was because I didn’t give up. It was hard to get to the point where I wasn’t dying at the end of practice, but that was able to happen because I was consistent. I couldn’t just expect to go from my first day level of fitness to high school basketball ready level of fitness overnight. I had to start somewhere. And because I made that decision to just get started, I was able to get in good enough shape to make the team!

Finding the courage to get started is half the battle when you’re trying to reach a goal. A lot of times when we want to achieve something we’ll end up spending so much time in our heads debating with ourselves about whether or not we should get started in the first place. Fear keeps us rooted in our minds. If you want to break through, you have just take that first step and get started. You’ll never progress if you stay in your head. Your dream, however, can begin coming to fruition when you actually move it from a mental to a physical space. Now don’t get me wrong, the mental aspect of making your goals happen is important, but just make sure that you’re not staying there forever. For real change to take place, you’re going to have to do something outside of your mind. You’re going to have to stop dreaming about being on the basketball team and do what it takes to make it on there.

Positive thinker, get out of your head and start making your dreams a reality. If you want to achieve what you want to achieve from life then you have to make that first step. And after you make that first one you can make another and another and another until you finally get to where you want to be!


Make a promise to yourself to get started today!