Having Each Other’s Back

Having Each Other’s Back

I’m a 90’s kid so I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I couldn’t watch a lot of TV when I was younger because my mom didn’t want me seeing anything that was too bad, but since this was a cute little family show, it was actually something that she allowed me to watch. I loved looking at this show as a kid, and I still enjoy watching it now. I watch reruns of it constantly, and since I’ve discovered it on Netflix, I’ve been able to watch it there too. There are a lot of different relationships on the program, but one of my favorites happens to be the bond between Will and Carlton. Will is this popular ladies’ man and his cousin couldn’t be more clueless when it comes to women. The Fresh Prince is tall and skinny, and Carlton is short and stumpy. Mr. Smith is street smart, but Mr. Banks is book smart. Will comes from a rough neighborhood in west Philadelphia, and Carlton comes from a rich area in Bel Air. For all intents and purposes, the two couldn’t be more different, and yet somehow they still end up being friends.

Throughout the course of the show, we get to see how these two interact. For a good portion of the time, they seem to go at each other’s throat, like when Will thinks that Carlton intentionally stole his crush from him. And for the rest of the time, they actually seem to get along with each other, like when they create a dress to win a bet that they have with Hilary and Ashely. There are many moments in the show when we get to see their love/hate relationship, but one of my favorites happens at the very end. I recently watched the series finale again and there was this one part that basically sums up their entire relationship.

***Spoiler Alert***

As the cousins are packing up the last of their belongings in the pool house they realize that that moment would be the last time that they will be living together for the rest of their lives. After this realization, Will tells Carlton that he will always have his back, and Carlton tells Will that he will always have his. And then right after that, Will puts out one of Carlton’s favorite songs (It’s not Unusual by Tom Jones) and joins Carlton in his iconic dance. But then in typical Carlton fashion, he starts to really get into it and then Will decides to tap out.

***Spoiler Alert Over***

In these few short minutes, we get to see how much they both love each other, but we also see that things aren’t always perfect between them. But they still choose to have each other’s backs in spite of these differences. And that’s what friendship really is about. No relationship is perfect, and we can’t just give up on each other because of this imperfection. It would be much easier to do that, but then we’d never be able to keep friends around if we did this.

Now, I know that I tend to write a lot about friendship, but that’s because it’s so important. Yes it’s possible to be happy by yourself, but life becomes so much better when you have good people by your side. Will and Carlton’s life wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting if they didn’t have each other there. Who knows how they would’ve turned out if they didn’t have each other’s friendship.

And I know that this is just a fictitious relationship, but the lesson still rings true. Positive thinker, friendship is an amazing gift, and you shouldn’t take your friends for granted. Sometimes we think that they’re going to be around forever, but that’s not necessarily the case. They’re human just like you and they need to feel valued and appreciated. And chances are if they don’t, then you’ll end up parting ways. And I’m sure you don’t want that to happen, so make sure that you tell your friends how much you care about them. Let them know that they can count on you and that you’ll always have their back. So, if you haven’t told your friends this in a while then make sure that you do it. Tell them thank you today! They’ll appreciate it!