Keep Building

Keep Building

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I grew up in the Catholic Church, so I had a pretty similar upbringing like all good little Christian boys and girls did. I went to church every Sunday. When I was really young, I would spend most of those hours in children’s church. And when I got older, I had to sit in the pews with the rest of the congregation for all those hours. I also participated in many of the organizations within the church. From a young age, I was an altar server, a member of two choirs, a lector, and a junior daughter. I was a “proper” Catholic, and I even was able to take my Catholicism to a completely different level by going to Catholic school from Kindergarten all the way through college. At these institutions, I was taught the typical subjects that were required, but I was also forced to take religion classes. Since I was already going to church on a weekly basis, these classes only helped to reinforce the lessons I was learning every Sunday. It was repetitive, but it was the cost I had to pay for going to a school that would provide me with a better education than the public schools in my area. There were a lot of biblical stories that I know like the back of my hand because of how many times that I’ve heard them throughout my life, in and out of the classroom. The stories of the prodigal son, Moses, Adam and Eve, the Good Samaritan, and Daniel in the lion’s den will always be ingrained in my mind, but the one I’m focusing on today is the story of Noah’s ark.

Before I get started on this, I’d like to preface it by saying that I’m not trying to throw Christianity in your face. If you believe in it, fine, and if you don’t, that’s fine too. This just so happens to be a story that I think would be good to drive this week’s message home. So, here we go…

Thousands of years ago God looked down on the world and thought that practically everyone living there was basically evil (he thinks this a lot), so he decided that he would send a great flood to kill everybody in order to start over fresh and new. Now, even though most of the people were wicked, God found one man who he decided that he would spare because he believed him to be a righteous man. That man’s name was Noah. God instructed him to build an ark and to take his wife, his sons, and their wives on the ark with him when the flood came so that they would be safe. He was also told to make it large enough so that he could bring two of each animal along for the ride, so that the animal population could continue on after the flood was over. Noah listened to what God told him to do, and started building the ark. As he was creating it, there were people who saw what he was doing, and made fun of him for it. They thought he was ridiculous for wasting all of this time so that he could make a giant boat for a flood that they believed wouldn’t ever come. Despite the naysayers, Noah continued to work on the boat. And when the day for the flood arrived, he was ready, and he was able to save his family and all the animals that were aboard his ark.

Now, whether or not you believe this story, I’m sure that you can appreciate the lesson behind it. It is so important for us to block out the voices of the naysayers and the people who doubt our dreams. If you want something bad enough positive thinker, you have to learn to block out these negative outside voices in order to get the future that you imagine for yourself. You have to have enough confidence in yourself and in your plans, so that when these types of people inevitably pop up you won’t have to worry about them having enough power over you from deterring you from reaching your goals. That’s why I want you to keep working. Don’t stop building until your dreams come true!