Lending a Helping Hand

Lending a Helping Hand

When’s the last time you did something nice for someone? Was it today? Yesterday? Last week? Last Month? Last year? If it’s been awhile, you might want to rethink that. I know it seems like it takes a lot of time and energy to do something good for somebody. You also might not want to do it because you don’t think that you get anything out of it. The thing is, neither of those things are true…

Yes, there are many people out there who do devote much of their time to giving back. Some people actually make a career out of it. They’ll up and leave the comforts of home and travel to some remote part of the world without things like clean water or proper medical care, and they’ll go there to fix these things. And while these types of grand gestures are great, not everyone has the means or the desire to do something like that, and that’s perfectly fine. But just because you won’t relocate your entire life to a third world country doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person who’s incapable of giving back. You can still help out right in your own backyard. Something as simple as volunteering at programs that help empower the youth in your community can end up making a difference. Donating blood takes less than an hour, but you can literally save someone’s life by doing it. You could also go down to a local shelter and help to feed the homeless on your day off from work. And if those activities are too big for you, then you can think even smaller. An act like complimenting somebody or smiling at them can bring a little bit of joy into their day. Positive thinker you don’t have to come up with the cure to cancer to make a difference in the world because small, kind actions have the ability to change one person’s world.

And when it comes to giving back, you don’t only end up benefiting the person that you were nice to. You’ll value from it as well. If it was too painful or too harmful to be kind to someone else then no one would do it, but that’s not the case, which is why so many people have no problem engaging in helpful behavior. In fact, after we do it, we usually end up feeling better because of it. Even the person who left everything behind to move to a developing country and provide life-saving medical treatment to those in need, will feel better about themselves. Yes, it may hurt to be far away from home, but it still feels good for them to do some good. Getting pricked with a needle when you donate blood is a tiny bit painful. And being light headed may not be the best feeling in the world, but knowing that you helped to give someone a second chance at life is much more valuable than that small amount of discomfort, and that’ll make you happy. Feeding the homeless may be new to you and may make you feel a bit uncomfortable because of it, but knowing that you were able to provide someone a nutritious meal can wind up making you feel good about yourself for making a difference. And if you stick to giving a compliment or smiling at somebody then that won’t cost you anything at all, and once again, you can even start to feel better about yourself because you decided to help someone that day.

Positive thinker, if you haven’t helped someone in a while then make a promise to yourself to do it the next chance you get. If it’s nighttime and you’re reading this, then get up tomorrow morning with the intention of doing something good for somebody else. And don’t just stop tomorrow. Keep doing it, because when you do something good for someone else that just might cause that person to want to do something good for somebody else and then that person may choose to do something good for somebody else, and so on and so forth, until everybody in the world is being wrapped up with kindness. And the world always needs more of that.


Get out there and give a helping hand!