New Beginnings


New Beginnings

love the consistency in LA’s weather. I’d much rather live someplace where I don’t have to freeze my butt off every winter. The cold puts me in a bad mood, so if I can avoid it I will. That being said, even though I prefer the heat and the sun, I can appreciate the change in scenery that comes with living in a part of the world that actually has “real season.” And I have been lucky enough to experience a proper fall a couple of times in my life. I’ve lived in London during two periods in my life, and each time I was there, I was able to experience the autumn season across the pond. I got to see the trees change colors, and then I eventually witnessed the leaves falling from the trees. And once they hit the ground, I was finally able to get to walk around and hear the crunch of them under my feet like I got to see happening whenever I watched a movie or TV show that took place in the fall.

Every year around this part of the year I start to get contemplative. We’ve reached the back half of the year, summer has gone, and fall is here. Soon the bright and luscious trees and plants that we’ve been used to seeing for the past handful of months will be gone. They will start to shed in order to make room for a new fresher look this spring. And as nature changes around and prepares itself to start on its new beginning I think about how I’ve changed throughout the year.

Each year, I set goals for myself. A lot of times, I don’t end up accomplishing all of them, but that’s okay. Even if I only get through with one, or with half of one, it still helps to change me. The lessons I learn while succeeding or failing at those plans allow me to reassess my life so that I can decide how I want to proceed in the future. Sometimes (like a recent decision that I’ve made) it means a complete overhaul of what I’ve been working on, and other times it means that I just need to tweak a few things. Whatever my decision may be, however, it ultimately leads me to a new beginning.

Like the name suggests, new beginnings are a time to start anew. When you encounter one of these moments, you get the opportunity to put yourself on a different path that can help you to get to the place where you want to be. Like me, you may end up going in a completely different direction that will you lead you to a different destination, or you may wind up taking a slightly different road to get to the place that you originally want to go, but no matter what course you are taking, you will still be on a journey towards a new beginning.

New beginnings can be exciting. The prospect of doing something different can make you genuinely happy about the steps you will have to take on this new journey. It might mean meeting interesting people and partaking in stimulating activities. But it could also be scary. If you’ve decided to make a move in a completely different direction then that can be frightening. You don’t know what lies ahead because you’ve never been on a road that looks like this before. But even if you are a little bit worried, you can take that fear and turn it into a curiosity that will make that road look not as intimidating as it was before, and that’s pretty exciting.   

Positive thinker, take some time every once in awhile to reflect on your life and see if you’re where you want to be. If you are then that’s great, but if not then it may be time for you to start heading down a different road. Yes, the prospect of doing something new can be daunting, but it can also be pretty exhilarating. And more importantly then that, it can lead you to where you want to be!