The Journey

The Journey

A lot of emphasis is placed on physical appearance. When we’re kids (way before we’re exposed to media images of real women) we get to see how “special” beautiful women are in the cartoons that we watch. Belle from Beauty and the Beast is literally named “beauty,” and the Evil Queen wants to off Snow White because she’s prettier than her. With messages like this, it’s pretty hard for young girls not to think that being beautiful is ideal. And the same goes for young boys. Prince Charming isn’t ugly, and Aladdin has a nice toned stomach that make all the girls swoon. It’s never an average looking prince or an below average looking guy that saves the average looking or below average looking princess, and for that reason boys probably start to desire to want to grow up to be handsome so that they can get the pretty girl.

These messages continue as we age. If you’re a woman and you want to be considered desirable then you have to have long legs, a flat stomach, luxurious hair that’s free from split ends, and soft delicate skin like a newborn baby. If you’re a man you have to be over 6 feet, you need muscles on top of muscles, and a smile that makes a girl go weak in the knees. And the best place for you to find people that look that is when you turn on the TV or open up a magazine. Sure you have your random celeb who look like your Average Joe but no one desires to be that person. All the guys want to be like Brad Pitt, but no one want to look like Josh Gad. All of the women want to be like Angelina Jolie, but nobody wants to look like Melissa McCarthy. Everyone wants to be the handsome one or the pretty one, but the thing is, no matter how hard we try, most of us can’t be those people. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend to look that good. They have makeup artists, personal trainers, and stylists to make them look red carpet ready, but most of us don’t have that. And that’s exactly why we have to learn to accept ourselves as we are. You don’t have to let Hollywood define the beauty standard. You can define it for yourself. If you’re 5’2 instead of 6’2 you just have to roll with it. If you have a muffin top instead of washboard abs then embrace that! You’ll make yourself miserable trying to be something that you’re not, so why would you want to try and do that?

Don’t look to others to validate you positive thinker. You have to know that you’re beautiful and that has to be enough for you. And that’s because when you truly know that you’re good enough, then you won’t need anyone else to tell you that. Sure, it’ll be nice if they do, but if no one else were to ever tell it to you for the rest of your life then you’ll be okay because at least you’ll know that you know that you have beauty.

And I know this post has been about accepting your outward beauty, but you have to accept your inner beauty as well. There are going to be so many people out there who want to tell you that you’re not good enough, but you can’t listen to those voices. It’s essential that you block them out if you plan to stay on the path towards self-acceptance. If you listen to them you may start to believe them, which is why the positive voices in your head have to be a million times louder than other people’s negative ones. They have to be loud enough and strong enough so that you won’t even be able to hear the negative ones anymore.

Positive thinker the journey towards loving yourself unconditionally is long and bumpy. There will definitely be people along that journey that will make it easier for you and there will also be people who will make it harder. The goal is to take in the good and leave out the bad so that one day you can get to a place where you can say that you love yourself. And once you reach that place it won’t matter who says what about you and who tells you how you should be living your life because you will be so in love with yourself that their acceptance won’t even matter!