Time to Relax

Time to Relax

We all work hard, but sometimes we work so hard that we forget to have fun. We get so wrapped up in our work and our responsibilities that we end up forgetting that life is so much more than these things. That’s why I like to treat myself to a vacation once a year.

Last year I went to an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for one week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since it was all-inclusive, that meant that I could eat and drink as much as my heart desired, and I did just that. I would wake up, and go and eat breakfast. And then I would go and have a pre-lunch snack and indulge in a Miami Vice. Then a few hours later I would go and eat my lunch, and enjoy another Miami Vice. And when dinner time rolled around I would have my meal with the very same cocktail. If I still had room leftover in my stomach at the end of the day then I would go and grab another snack before I went to bed. Being able to have tasty meals is part of what makes a vacation so appealing, so I decided to relish every bit of the food at this hotel.

While I was there, I was also able to engage in a few activities. The first thing I did was explore the city on a bus tour. The tour guide was really informative and provided us with an interesting history of the area. I also went ziplining for the first time. This was probably the highlight of the entire trip. Getting to zoom by at high speeds over breathtaking views of the city’s greenery is a memory that I will hold on to for the rest of my life. Another thing that I was able to do was go swimming with a sea lion. Since I love the water, this was a particularly fun thing to do. I had never done anything like it before, and by the end, I was happy that I had chosen to do this activity.

And of course, one of the best parts about any vacation is the ability to just relax. Since I didn’t have to get up to be at work, I could sleep in until my body naturally woke me up. There was no need for an alarm. And since there was a pool and Jacuzzi in the resort, I was able to unwind even more by relaxing in there every day. The best part about our accommodation, however, was the fact that it was located on the beach. Clear, soothing water was literally in my backyard, so I definitely took advantage of that because it’s not something that I have access to at home.

Now, I realize that not everyone can go on vacation as frequently as I do, but it is important that everyone takes time to unwind. Going non-stop every day isn’t good for you. It puts stress in your life, so doing something that helps to take that stress away is essential. I don’t go on vacation every time that I’m stressed out (that would be very expensive), but I do make a point in engaging in some activity that will help me to de-stress, and you can do the same thing too. And the best part about it is that many times that activity doesn’t have to cost you anything. Reading a couple of chapters from a book doesn’t cost a dime. Opening up my laptop and watching my favorite show doesn’t cost me anything extra and neither does scouring the internet for funny memes. These activities may be mindless, and they may not be as glamorous as going to an all-inclusive resort in a foreign country, but they do help me to unwind a bit. The little break that I take de-stresses me and allows me to be refreshed when I do come back to tackle whatever it was that was previously stressing me out.

Positive thinker, take the time to have some fun. Life isn’t just about working. It’s about enjoyment too. We’re not here for very long, so we should make sure to enjoy it while we can!