When you fall Down

When you fall Down

One of my godsons came and dropped by my house the other day. I had some work to do, and since I wasn’t expecting him, he just decided that he would watch some TV while he waited for me to get done with my work. He eventually ended up watching The Karate Kid (the one with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan). Now I went to see that movie when it first came out back in 2010, but I hadn’t seen it again since (I don’t usually make a habit out of re-watching movies…unless it’s Disney or Harry Potter). So since I had watched it before, I knew that I could do my work without getting distracted. At least, that’s what I thought.

Since it had been over eight years since I watched the movie, I couldn’t remember any of the details of it. So, as I was working away on my laptop, the unfamiliar words grabbed my attention. It suddenly became more and more difficult for me to concentrate on the task that I had to get done. About half way through the movie, I noticed that I was barely paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing, so I decided to put my laptop away and just finish watching the rest of the movie.

*Spoilers ahead*

When I made the decision to really focus on the film, I ended up first fully watching the scene where Dre learns why Mr. Han had spent hours telling him to put on his jacket, take it off, and pick it up. The countless hours of doing this task seemed meaningless until he discovered that the motions that he was using would help him to do real Kung Fu. Throughout the rest of the movie, he goes on to learn more and more moves that will eventually help him in the competition that he is supposed to participate in.

A lot more side stories happen in the film, but I want to focus on two particularly poignant moments. The first one happens when Dre walks in on Mr. Han destroying the car that he had worked so hard to build. When he sees his teacher’s breakdown he asks him why he has made the decision to destroy the car. Mr. Han responds by showing him a newspaper clipping of a boy and a woman who were killed in a car accident. It turns out that the boy was Mr. Han’s son and the woman was his wife. And on top of that, Mr. Han was behind the wheel of the car when the two of them died. When Dre finds this out, he is able to coax his instructor out of his depressive state by getting him to perform the same martial arts moves that he has taught him. It’s such a small act, but it’s exactly what Mr. Han needs in that moment.

The second part of the movie that I want to mention happens at the very end. In the semi-final, Dre’s competitor breaks his leg at the command of his instructor. When Dre goes to the back to get it treated, the doctor basically tells him that he can’t compete anymore. Most people would probably have listened to the doctor, but Dre didn’t want to do that because the boy who he’d be going up against in the finals was the same boy that bullied him at school. The whole reason that he wanted to compete in the first place was to prove to himself that he wasn’t afraid of the bully, and quitting wouldn’t allow him to do that. So, even though the doctor tells him not to do it, the young boy gathers up enough courage to go out and face his final opponent. Now, even though his leg is injured, he’s still able to hold his own against his competitor. He does so well, in fact, that his competition decides to hurt his leg even further in an attempt to eliminate him. After this beating, it really looks like Dre won’t be able to get back up. No one would’ve blamed him for calling it quits, but somehow he’s still able to compete. And not only does he compete, he wins!

*Spoilers Over*

You’re going to have some low moments in your life, but you can’t just dwell on them. You have to find the strength to overcome them. It’s not going to be easy in any way shape or form, but you have to do it because there are so many more great things for you to experience. But if you choose to stay down there then you’ll never get to experience them. Dre and Mr. Han had to learn this lesson, and you can too

Positive thinker, get back up when you fall down. Don’t choose the option that brings about more unhappiness. Choose the one that brings life instead!