Yoga Therapy

More and more, Researchers are proving that it is possible to use breath as a treatment modality to address feelings of hyperarousal from alertness, attention and stress. Even Trauma. When the body is aroused, it thinks it is in danger and is unable to calm. That leads to prolonged and excessive stress on the mind, body and spirit. It starts to wear. Breath is a way to convince the body that it is safe. Pranayama is breath. Yoga can be used as our own personal supply of chill when you learn that it can be a tool and one that all persons can participate in regardless of perceived skill level. Join us as we practice. Please see the Schedule page to see class, group or workshop offerings. Our collaborative, The Feel Well Empowerment Center also offers private therapeutic yoga sessions to assist with physical stress symptoms. Contact us at (800) 488-3414 to learn more about how we can incorporate breath and movement into your healing treatment plan.