Alone Time

Alone Time

During my first two years in college I lived on campus, and it was great. After spending the first 18 years of my life living under my parents’ roof and abiding by their rules, it was nice to have some freedom. Yes, I still had to follow the rules for the dorms, but that was no different than rules I would’ve had to follow if I had chosen to live in an apartment complex off campus. And while I enjoyed not having to listen to my parents, this was not the only benefit of living at school.

Because I was always on campus, I knew about all of the events that were going on. Whenever a party, meeting, rally, game, or anything else of that nature happened, I knew about it. And because the social events were happening right where I lived, all I would have to do is go outside my dorm and a walk a few minutes to get there. This was also a good way to meet new people. Students that I didn’t have classes with would go to these gatherings and I would often use this time to get to talk to somebody that I had never talked to before.

And if I didn’t feel like going to one of the events then I could just hang out with my friends. Most of them lived on campus too, so I’d only have to walk a couple of minutes to get to them. Some of my best memories from college were with my friends. We didn’t have to be doing anything big. I just enjoyed hanging out with them. It could be as simple as sitting on a bench in between classes and talking for a couple of hours until one of us had to leave. I was also particularly fond of walking around campus late at night. Since we were in LA, it rarely got cold enough to warrant us staying inside when the sun went down. And if it was too cold then we would just head over to the coffee shop on campus and get something hot to drink as we chatted about our day.

Between the events that I would go to and spending time with my friends, I always had something to do, and I was never bored. I was constantly around people, and I enjoyed that, but every now and again it was good to get away.

Now, I didn’t have a car on campus, so it’s not like I could just drive off to some place quiet. I did, however, find places on campus where I could go to be alone. I guess I could have stayed in my room, but I didn’t want my roommate to walk in on me while I was trying to have a moment to myself to clear my mind, so I would go to other places. One of my favorite places on campus was called The Bluff. It was this spot that overlooked the city, and it was extremely peaceful. During the day, there would be a lot of foot traffic there because people were going to class, but at night the place was deserted. So, every once in a while I would go out there late at night just to contemplate things. It felt good to be alone. When you’re by yourself, you don’t have all of the normal distractions that can stop you from truly exploring your mind. It’s just you, and when it’s just you, you can take the time to study you…

You can search your heart and discover your true desires.

You can determine what your wants and needs are.

You can think about what makes you happy and what you want out of life.

Positive thinker, you really get to know yourself when you take some time to be alone. It’s in the silence that we find clarity. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to be alone. And I don’t mean for you to take the time to be lonely. Being lonely is sad, but being alone is powerful. When you’re alone you can learn so much, so give yourself the opportunity to make that happen. You deserve it!